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Sandwich, MA USA 02563
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British Beer Co., Back Porch·Sandwich, Ma·Telephone: 1-508-250-8716
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The rock pile is heated by a pile of fire wood.The Legion CrewBrian & LoisBrian, Norm, Lois & SteveBrian, Bill, Norm & SteveBrian, Bill, Norm & Steve with LG2013 ShirtSteve, Norm & SandyItThe Last Gasp CrewClearing the Pit (2,200 F)Here comes the sea weedSea weed keeps comingLots more sea weedCovering the sea weedNow for the clamsMore clamsThere still are clams on the truckRichard adds the last bushel of clamsNow for the potatoesMore potatoesHere comes the onionsCovering the clams, onions and potatoesHere comes the rest of he bakeThe bake now awaits the lobstersLobsters added to the bake.The last of the lobsters are added to the bakeThe bake is almost completeThe first canvas covers the bake.Bob Ahern watches the last tarp being addedSand to seal the bakeJohn at restRay Dubois (a Gasper for many years)Brenda Kinchler w/ Key ClubersWaitingSandy with our rider Gerry SwiftStill waitingLois & Brian check his listNorm & GerryItAlmost doneUncovering the bakePreparing clam juice and butterTom makes sure that it is done rightDean isnA lot of supervisiorsMore juiceWhat has his attention now?Lobsters are doneKeeping the lobsters warmHere comes the rest of the bakeLoading clamsIMore clamsUnloading to load upGerry with his clamsServing the clamsAnother bushelThey keep comingClams, clams, clamsTime for a tasteMore tastersLoading the plates with potatoesTK with a full trayRichardTekla loading upBrain getting corn on the cobJohn at workBrian making sure of his trayDean getting his tray fullNow itSteve does it the hard wayBrian and a tray full of LobstersHow many plates?The assembly line. . . and there are more to serveDSC_0096.JPG