P.O. Box 265
Sandwich, MA USA 02563
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British Beer Co., Back Porch·Sandwich, Ma·Telephone: 1-508-250-8716
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Steve Robinson, Jack Edmonston, Gary French, Tom Reilly and Ton Kinchla burn a few burgersThe grills are active and a few are over cookedJohn Feeney chats while the rest of the crew slave over a hot "smoking" grillSteve Robinson, Jack Edmonston, Gary French, Tom Reilly and "Bun man" Kinchla cook or rather smoke the dogsVolunteers prepare to face paintI wonder who is painting and who is being paintedPawSox mascot dances with a member of the Challenger ClubMusic is controlled by the attractive DJThe people who have help make this possibleKelvin Ing, founder of the Challenger Club takes fiveYou need to climb up in order to slide downThe DJ plays some swinging musicSomething does not taste rightJack Edmonston expalins something to Dom ArchinoA volunteer swings her Challenge Club partnerJack Edmonston, Tom Kinchla, Tom Reilly and Dom Archino take a breakJack Edmonston, John Feeney, Tom Reilly, Steve Robinson, Gary French, Tom Kinchla and Dom Archino gather around the pirateThanks to the owners of Pirate Cove it was a successful fund raiserThe PawSox mascot leads the way down the slideWhether a touchdown or fieldgoal, the young lady is having fun with the PawSox mascotSome of the volunteers get hooked up with the Macaranna"Supervisor" John Feeney instructs Tom Reilly and Gary French on the finer points of grillingGary French and Tom Reilly seem to be in a cook offTom Reilly and Gary French continue to cook the burgersThe PawSox mascot is given a thank you hug