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The loading of the pit beginsBill Jenkins reaches in as the seaweed begins to steamTwo (almost members) Rod Odlum and Mike Lesperance seem to be ignored by John McInnis, Dick Cody, Jackie McInnis, Ruth Provost,  Suzanne Vibberts, Tekla Cody, Greg French, Greg Anderson and Bill JenkinsMike Lesperance, Dick Cody and Lois Wallace help with the canvasThe covering beginsAnd then the pit is covered with canvasBill Jenkins and John Feeney help with the canvas coveringDick Cody gets out of the wayThere is a hole in this canvasIGary French and Dick Cody helping with the canvasJohn McInnis arrivesThree cheers for Lois Wallace and her helper, BrianWho me? Says Steve Robinson to Dick Cody Gene Olson, Gary French and Tom ReillyIJohn Vibberts would catch . . . . if he didnSuzanne Vibberts and Tekla Cody are enjoying the dayLois Wallace believes that these guys are having to much fun - Steve robinson and John McInnisSomeone told a funny. Gene Olson, Jackie McInnis, Gary French, Bill Jenkins, Steve Robinson, John McInnis, Lois Wallace, Suzanne Vibberts abd Tekla Cody have a laughLois Wallace (she participated in all four section of the eventNewbie Gary French hasnSuzanne Vibberts, makes a point with Tekla Cody and Lois WallaceTom Reilly tries to explain sometime to Jackie McInnisAlThe pit is steamingSuzanne Vibberts, Lios Wallace, and Jackie McInnis chat while Bill Jenkins and Gary French try to listen inAl Skirius in this yearSteve makes it simple for AlWhoGreg Anderson is trying to make a point with Tekla CodyAl Skirius and Steve Robinson incognitoBill Jenkins explains the interworkings of the fund-raiser to Gary FrenchStill steamingJohn Vibberts jokes with John and JAckie McInnisSomeone is having funAl Skirius tells a funny one to Tekla Cody while Greg Anderson libatesWhoTekla Cody checking out the sceneRuth Provost talks with Tekla CodyBob Terry and John Vibberts pose for the cameraI donGerry Swift made it all the wayGerry Swift is full of himself for finishing the raceTom Reilly lifts one to Greg AndersonJohn McInnis chats with Tom O