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You have to have a level spot to build the rock pileJoe Carig, Tom Reilly, Bill Jenkins and others throw rock into the bucketBob Ahern (Bake Master - red shirt) measures the forming squareJohn Feeney, Joe Carig, Dean Coe, Tom Reilly, Bill Jenkins and other legionaires await the front-end loaderJoe Carig, Tom Reilly, John Feeney, Dean Coe and Bill Jenkins take a much needed restThe base for the clam bake is formedGerry (Better Late Than Never) Swift adds the final stoneTom (Later than Gerry) Kinchla adds the final, final, final pebbleDick Cote and Gene Olson await the cars coming to the Last GaspThis is where the Last Gasp startsGerry is wet and cold as he awaits the startBill Murphy brings the riders to the starting lineGerry Swift borrows a wind breaker from Bill Jenkins and is ready for the startThe race is about to beginGene Olson, Tom Kinchla, Dick Cote and John Connolly meet for breakfast at JohnDean Coe prepares to sample a clamBill awaits the clams as Doug Coe and Jackie England look onJackie England and Tekla Cote await the clamsThese are the riders that we are serving the clam bake toBob Ahern, Bake Master looks on as some of the food is pulled off the pyreThe lobsters are readyMembers line up to fill serving trayDick Cote fills cartons with clams for Bill Jenkins to serve the massesGreg Anderson watchs as the "help" has some steamersTom Kinchla tries the steamersThey taste good but ISusan and John Vibberts sample the steamersRay DuBois (Hyannis Kiwanis) digs into his lobsterJohn Feeney and Bill Jenkins try the foodMike Downs, Bill Jenkins, John Connolly and John Vibberts await the food.The lobsters are pulled off firstJohn Connolly tries the lobsterBrian Wallace, Bill Jenkins, Steve Robinson and John Vibberts try the chowderDick Cote and Briain Wallace flanked by Bill Jenkins Tom Kinchla, Steve Robinson, Dean Coe, John Connolly, John Vibberts abd Dick England pose for the cameraThe clam bake steams under the canvasTekla Cote serves up some chicken soupDick Cote and Doug Coe prepare to fill cups with clam juice (for dunking)The Last Gasp T-shirtJohn Vibberts and Dick England deliver clam juice